Information Technology Department Government of Sindh was established in November 2002 with a mission to act as an enabler for building a knowledge-based society. The Department aims at realizing the true potential of e-Governance in the Province of Sindh by enhancing internal efficiencies and improving public service delivery.


  • Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Government
  • Increase Transparency and Accountability in decision-making
  • Enhance delivery of public service to citizens efficiently and cost effectively
  • Create an IT enabled work environment in the public service sector
  • Proliferate IT culture and build capacity in the provincial government departments
  • Bring all stakeholders on board, consult and work with them to identify/ assess the needs and service areas in each department
  • Prioritize the projects to be implemented with focus on sustainability through ownership of projects by the respective departments/ district governments


Information, Science & Technology Department will provide the highest quality technology-based services, in the most cost-effective manner, as these services applies to the management, governing, education and community service.


  • Induction of IT at all levels of government to improve efficiency, transparency and provide quality services.
  • Adoption of a modular approach to achieve the goal for E-Government.
  • Replacement of physical file system to e-file system through the use of Internet and Intranet in the Government Departments.
  • Computer and office automation training for the management and secretariat staff of Sindh Government.
  • Development of Provincial database for framing different policies by the government of Sindh.
  • To make IT literacy as a mandatory feature for all future employment in Government Department


  • Implementation of National IT Policy/IT Action Plan.
  • Development of Business Process Re-engineering for Government Departments.
  • Implementation of e-Governance, E-commerce & E-education.
  • Establish Co-ordination with Public section departments & private section agencies in the field of Information Technology.
  • Certificate Capability Maturity Model(CMMM).
  • Quality Excellence Program.
  • Create awareness amongst citizens regarding use of electronic data.
  • Development of security policy & establish firewalls for management of electronic data.
  • Development of standards & monitoring the Government Websites.
  • Development of E-Procurement standers.
  • Research & Development in the field of Information Technology.
  • Development of human resource & its optional utilization in various fields of Information Technology.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of IT projects under implementation in the province.
  • Control of liaison with District IT Department.
  • Liaison & interaction with Information Technology and Telecom Division of the Ministry of Science & Technology.
  • Services matters, except those entrusted to Service, General Administration and Coordination Department