Seed Money Distribution Ceremony to Startups by Information, Science & Technology Department


Information, Science & Technology Department, is the backbone of the Sindh. Department is playing vital role in the development of the Sindh, form office automation to safe city projects the department is eager to work in every scenario.

The Department has initiated various projects for the Capacity Building of Government Employees as well as general public, during the Capacity Building in IT for Sindh Secretariat Employees, the department trained thousands of the government employees from different districts. Also for English language improvement and making marketing skills in the fresh graduates the department initiated Call Centers Training Project, in which many of the students from Sindh participated and improved their skills.

Inshallah, Information, Science & Technology Departments will work in all fields to serve public efficiently.


  • Optimal attainment of e-Governance culture in the Government Departments for attaining required integrated efficiency and effectiveness by promoting paperless environment.
  • Enhancing participation of the disadvantaged groups of society in government’s decision-making through use of ICT as an enabler.
  • Promoting the number of users impliedly increasing demand of e-Governance.
  • Promoting public-private partnership
  • Implementation of e-Projects.
  • Development of Inter-institutional approach as opposed to institutions working in silos.
  • Capacity enhancement of government agencies for public service delivery benefiting common citizens.
  • Information Sharing.
  • e-Democracy i.e. Promotion of e-election system.
  • Sustainability – Enabling  government departments to sustain the I.T projects.


  • The rapid development of a Knowledge-based Society is vital to the success and progress of the province.
  • Modernizing the governance techniques through transparency induced methods.
  • Increasing the digital literacy of the citizens among many other fields.


  • Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Government
  • Increase Transparency and Accountability in decision-making
  • Enhance delivery of public service to citizens efficiently and cost effectively
  • Create an IT enabled work environment in the public service sector

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Latest Updates

Seed Money Distribution Ceremony to Startups by Information, Science & Technology Department

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Information Science & Technology Department

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